#178 Dirty Disney Dream

“Oh no, not socks and flats again!”

Sure! I love them, especially when the socks are dirty.

iaWell, I could copy and paste some intro text from another clip here, because my passion stays the same, forever. When I see girls in flats with dirty socks, I could die. Almost.

This girl here had nice pink flats at her feet and was wearing some light grey colored Disney socks with a black leggings. The flats were unbelievably worn out already with a hole at the side of the left shoe.


The socks were worn and dirty and man, you know how feet are smelling in flats when it’s warm? Then imagine the smell of the dirty socks, which stay in the shoes like a cloche over some french cheese.

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Let’s get to reality: The young girl did some very sensual shoeplay and popped her heels out of her flats many times. She moved the shoes slowly back and forth, not exaggeratingly fast, but an exciting joy to watch.

She crossed her ankles, dipped in her flats and even wiggled them above the ground.

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In the very beginning of the clip you’ll see me shaking the camera. The image stabilization wasn’t capable of compensating all of my excitement :D But I got more calm shortly after, so the result is a pretty 13+ minutes clip.

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