#156 Mature Toe Wiggle

As requested…

This is a special kind of clip, because it serves a niche. Mature nylon toes airing out!

4aI had to smile a bit the last days, because someone requested “moar toes, moar nylons, moar nail polish and faceshot man!” – As if this site lacks this, but that’s another story. So yeah, here it is: Toes, nylon socks and nail polish.

6One thing beforehand: this is not a shoeplay clip, because the mature lady aired her sticky and dirty feet out. Her brown shoes lain on the ground.

The funny thing was: I was capturing an Asian girl and the mature woman walked right in the way, stood still and climbed down a little wall. I didn’t take much notice of her, but I saw her minutes later sitting on a bench with her nylon feet wiggling in the air.

5   8b

So I changed places and filmed her show from two angles. At first from the side, then right from the front of her soles. I stood pretty near, so I was able to capture an astonishing view of her smudgy and filthy soles and nylons.


Just toe wiggling, but good toe wiggling, 5+ minutes for you!

download the clip