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#175 Dancing Flats

The power of a Boosted Board There are some moments where technology and feet fit perfectly together. Granted, I need to explain something. For a few weeks I own a Boosted Board clone. Mainly I wanted it as a remote camera dolly, but the nice side effect is to be able to cruise through the […]


#174 The Dangling Asian

Pretty toe cleavage with ice licking This title sums it up, but there are a few more words to say. The protagonist is a pretty Asian girl, hard to guess how old she is, but I think she is in the beginning of her 20ies. The girl was sitting on a bench together with two […]


#89 Breathless Dangling

This is pure awesomeness Even in winter you’ll get astonishing shoeplay if you walk around with open eyes. Man, this is a moment when I’d like to talk with superlatives, or at least I’d like to raise the language limits. I was in a shopping mall. Actually I wanted to go to a shoe store […]