#84 Barefoot Sisters

Dirty soles

Girls with sneakers or plimsoles don’t do shoeplay in public very often, but these sisters had much fun obviously.

9aThe situation: A large family was eating ice cream. Mom and dad with four kids, three girls and a baby boy. The oldest two sisters were sitting in front of me, one had green fake Chucks and the other black plimsoles at their feet. Both were barefoot and had dirty soles.

7a1Sometimes it was hard to decide to where I should focus my camera at, but I managed to capture the best compromise between insanely close-ups and a wide angle view with both girls at the same time.

I even changed my place two times to get another view from the side.


This was the moment of the black shoe girl. She was dipping nicely in her plimsoles, whereas the green shoe girl did more foot play and toe curling.

4   6

Consider that this was a very dangerous clip as mom and dad sat right in my view, so there is only a hair shot from behind, but this won’t harm the very good shoeplay.

1a   2a

If you like bare and dirty soles, these 17 minutes with those two girls will be a gem in your collection, granted. This was the moment that I wished to have two older sisters, happy baby boy in future years…

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