#146 Sensible Sock Play

Sexy as hell

When a girl is caressing her trashed plimsoles with her socked feet…

9aaOne of the moments I was risking almost too much. A pretty blond girl in her early 20ies was sitting outside with her parents and they had some coffee. The girl was wearing thin grey socks at her feet, her heels and toes were worn out and her white plimsoles were already broken.

fs1aShe must have worn these for a very long time, I never got my shoes that way. In addition she was a very good shoeplayer, which does explain the shoes’ condition a little bit.

The girl was sitting with her back to me and there were many other people around. One surrounding girl was observing me and she noticed my camera, which I brazenly held in my hand at the beginning. Oh my.

1   3

Miss Shoeplayer did a fantastic job with her feet. Lost in thought she was caressing the rims of her shoes back and forth. Sometimes she was waving to the camera with her toes, the moments I love the most.

ia   d

She curled her toes, slipped in and out of her sneakers, crossed her ankles and rubbed her feet together many times.

In the end I started a second camera and got a few very near shots of her feet. Call me insane bearing the observing girl in mind. But nothing happens until the shoeplayer and her parents left. Solid 16+ minutes to enjoy :)

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