#69 Dreamlike Nylons

The stuff I love

Maybe you know that already, I’m a little dirt pig. I would do the most insane things to get some hands on dirty nylons. I just love them to observe.

5aEspecially, and that’s the second secret I’ll tell you now, when those nylons are from some ordinary chicks as you will see in this clip. I do not mean that in a negative way, but I have a strange obsession for girls from the proletarian side of our society.

fs1aIt’s just like they could be more mean to me, or have more basic words to tell me what to do if I imagine them as a foot goddess or such. You get it? :)

Either way, the brown haired girl had black flats, was dressed in black also and she had some nylons at her feet, kinda hard to guess if it was a pantyhose or just socks. The nylons were sweaty dyed and man I love this.


As I said, I would kill for it… almost. My sweet goddess never showed her whole sole which was a bit painful for me, but at least I got the toes and and the heels and everything.

3d   6

She was subtle and calm, beware, no exaggerating shoeplay, but a nice touch and movement with several views of her feet. Almost 12 minutes long, get it.

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