#246 Santa Claus 2020

The ultimate Sneakers show

7b_xIt was four years ago when I did this crazy but fun project the last time. This year hit us very hard, almost all projects were cancelled. A few weeks ago I thought that the Santa thing would be the last chance to raise the level up and it is a project which is Corona compliant.

1b_x2So I asked Chiara, who I know since 2012 as a little teen girl, if she wants to participate and help me. She was quite relieved as we are currently almost all staring at the ceiling all the time.
All went very well. We met on Saturday evening, planned the rest of which had to be done and started way after midnight to play Santa Claus by visiting some high-rise buildings.

9b   3

In Germany it is a tradition that young kids put their shoes in front of the door and wait for them being filled by Santa in the night of December the 6th. But there are many fogotten and socially deprived parts in the city, where people with too less money live. They can’t give their children very much sweets, so I like to play the good ghost who presents those families at least a little bit of joy.

6a   5

At the same time I take the chance to take my camera with me and do what we all here want to see: Capturing worn shoes.

The trend of the last years was clearly visible: We didn’t see a single pair of flats as I did four years ago in the last clip. The girls are mostly wearing sneakers and Birkenstocks plus the obvious winter boots and Uggs.

aa   a

And I found a pair of ankle socks! This is normally a summer thing, when girls strip off their socks and put them into their shoes. This was a surprising heavenly gift, that’s for sure.

7   9_2

As you may have guessed, this isn’t a shoeplay clip and it didn’t fit 100% to this site. But it is a highlight and I had very much fun to do this thing with Chiara. And yes, I know there are some of you who like to see this also.

9a   b

We filmed over 30 pairs of shoes, the clip is 17+ minutes long and I promise: All shoes are girl’s shoes. How do I know that? Well… have a guess :D
PS: I’ve also published this video at, it is 100% the same clip.

download the clip