#276 Dangling Boots

Dangling and dipping in boots is rare, but in summer it is double rare!

ca_x2I remember a guy who had asked me if I own any boots dangling stuff. In general I have almost everything you can imagine but in this case I had to say no. Until now.

fs1aThere was no second thought when I discovered the very pretty brunette girl sitting outside with her blond friend.
It was a very warm day in my town and most of the girls had sandals, Birkenstocks or anything else at their feet. But boots? In summer? 30°C? Wow, ok.

It was a really nice scene to watch and capture. The girl was wearing hot pants, a tank top and black boots with black Kappa ankle socks. She was fiddling around with her feet in her boots the whole time.

1a   5a

How do we call this? Dipping? Can’t tell to be honest. Foot gymnastics? :D

Either way, many times she lifted her foot and dangled her boot while crossing her legs. This was a very skilled job, as she never really lost her shoe. Unfortunately she came only out of her boot once for a few seconds, so you don’t see her toes in real action.

d   6a

But you will see many other different things a foot can do with a boot. Including walking to the toilet without putting her boots on correctly. In fact she used her boots as slippers, I never even thought that this was possible.

The girl seemed to be comfortable with it though, this was funny indeed.

b   i

I stopped recording after she moved her legs away from the camera. Shortly after that both girls left the place and I was able to capture the last scene from the front.

In summary this is a 22+ minutes clip, but as there are many people walking around between the girls and my camera, I have lowered the price instead of using countless cuts. Enjoy this rare find, mates!

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