#263 A Teasing Job

Birkenstock *yawn*

1bBlabla you know I don’t like Birkenstocks bla repeating my words bla but this time bla haunting bla so yeah.

fs2axWhat I wanted to say… :D In the mass of Birkenstocks and fake Birkis around me there are actually some moments where I like to start the cam and capture the play. It highly depends on the situation, the girl, the look of her feet or something else, for example my mood on that day.

In this case it was a very pretty young lady with silver colored fake Birkenstocks, they looked a bit like the Gizeh model.


At first I watched her without my cam, but eventually she started to dangle her left foot and that was what I liked about this clip.

4a   b

She did no crazy shoeplay, she was just sitting there in that position the whole time and dangled her Birkenstock in a way which reminds me of a first class foot job – if you know what I mean. The shoe began to slip slightly, then she raised her foot and fumbled it back which looks like extensive rubbing at [...] – you got it. Up and down, up and down.

ca   8

The whole clip is 7+ minutes long, I left a few pauses in intentionally, as this increases the tension of the whole story. So, yes, I don’t like Birkenstocks but I like this kind of play. Enjoy!

download the clip