#170 Bottom Right

This title has a double meaning

Shoutbox users demanded this clip and I’m happy to deliver this awesome barefoot shoeplay for you!

5aRecently I asked you which clip you’d like to see next. This preview thumbnail was on the bottom right position, so you get the first meaning. The second: This girl with somewhat small feet sat right in front of me and her feet were – guess – in the bottom right corner of my eyes.

No need to say that I was in a hurry to start the cam when I saw this shoeplay. Although I’m a bit saturated with black flats, the girl did a fantastic job. I was in a lucky position and could view inside of her well worn flats most of the time.


Her bare feet were soft and had a yellow tint when she wrinkled her toes. There was no nail polish, but her toenails were longer so I guess she will paint them some time.

ga   7a

In addition to many wrinkles, she turned her flats all around. She dipped, curled, wiggled and as a cherry on top of the cake she fumbled her inside sole out of her flats! Man, this is a picture I didn’t see very often, especially when it’s a sole dyed from sweat where you can clearly see the footprint on it.

aa   9a

I had the chance to capture very close shots of her feet. This was risky but well worth it. The pictures tell the story.

Is there something to add? No. Just enjoy this exceptional piece of 15+ minutes.

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