#27 A Whiff Of Dirt

Imagination is everything

Do you know that? You see a wonderful foot show, but there is no f***ing possibility to start capturing? I almost cried.

2This girl sat at a table with her girlfriend and was moving her dirty nyloned toes slowly around. I was freezed and astonished, but there was no damn free place around her to film this.

After minutes (years…) of waiting, I finally got a free table, but the show was gone. Not at all, otherwise I wouldn’t have a good clip for you, but this one scene does only exist in my head. She never did this again.

7   4

But what she did was a solid shoeplay with many heelpops, losing her crossed legged flat and showing you a glance of her dirty nylons. Not that you might think this 9 minute clip is bad, no it isn’t for sure, but hell, it could have been the clip of the last year, you know? :) Enjoy!

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