#227 Wiggling School Girls

Not one, not two, no… Five!

1_xSometimes the good things simply happen by chance. I was sitting outside in front of a church, resting from a longboard ride and watching the people walking by. Then a group of five school girls came and sat down at a table from a nearby ice cream café.

I moved my board, started the cam and tried to be as unobtrusive as possible. It was a quite dangerous situation because three of the girls were able to look directly into the lens of the camera. And keep in mind that I was sitting there for over an hour hardly moving at all. This must have been a weird image for the girls. In such moments I’d like to be able to read minds :D


Regarding the feet: Three girls were wearing sneakers, Nike, Reebok and Chucks. Unfortunately none of them slipped out of her shoes. If this had happened, Jesus would have revived a second time I guess. But no, they were only wiggling nervously with their legs and feet. Sometimes with crossed legs, sometimes on the ground.

The two other girls had flip-flops and bare feet. This is the moment where it gets interesting. At first I focussed on the green flip-flop girl only, just because I didn’t saw the other. When I realized that there were two girls acting, I moved the frame a bit to get both of them.

6   8

The second girl had red nail polish painted on her toes and she was reeeally nervous. In and out of her shoes, mainly stomping with her feet and crunching her toes. The green girl was rather calm but did some very nice moves also. The little sad part is that she never really dropped her flip-flops.

b   ga

But yeah, in summary this is an awesome 32+ minutes clip with five very pretty girls doing things with their feet. Each one different, no sneaker shoeplay but enough room for the fantasy of lying down under the table. Then Jesus would have revived for real I bet.

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