#126 Thick Feet In Pumps

Like it or not

One of the clips which splits the users for sure.

2aWhen I’m outside, I capture almost everything I see. So was this mature woman, sitting with a friend at a coffee table. The lady was in her late 40ies, a little bit corpulent but not so much that you won’t start the cam.

8She had black pumps at her feet, while her feet were covered with tan nylon socks. The two ladies must have had a long walk behind, because the protagonist started to pull her feet out of her shoes and you can see how long she had squeezed her foot in her pumps.

Yes, her feet were a bit corpulent also, so you’ll see the shape of her pumps around her toes, when she was airing them out.


She played with her feet and moved in and out of her pumps. Not exaggerating as a young girl would do, but slow and steady.

Side note: Her friend had a black pantyhose and flats, but didn’t do any shoeplay, so it was a good idea to focus on the pumps.

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If you are a fan of such ladies, you will enjoy the 9 minutes very much!

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