#247 Teenie Flats

Tan colored pantyhose with white flats

1l_xThis moment was a dream come true to capture! But at first let me tell you some words regarding the last very lonely weeks…

I’m not the kind of guy who wants to have pity. But this pandemic got (and still gets) me at the completely wrong time. Winter is per se the most difficult season for me. I can’t go outside and do all the things I like. It is cold, raining and snowing. But with Corona restrictions this is even worse. For weeks I’m sitting alone at my home and can hardly stand the days.

Even the most stable people run more and more into depressions. And well, I couldn’t load my batteries in 2020 enough, so I’m staring out of the window, take medicine and wait impassively for something to happen. I can’t even check my mails regularly. This is horrible.

9I’m so much hoping for the spring to come. At least for a little bit of sunshine to go outside, meet people with distance. But now everything is still closed. You get the point…
I’m not dead, my sites aren’t dead, but I just can’t do as I want to do right now. All people around me are feeling the same and no one has an idea anymore. It’s just a very fucked up time for almost everyone.

So, now back to the clip.
As I said so often in the last two years, flats aren’t very present anymore. Even less in combination with a nylon pantyhose. So you can imagine how I felt when I saw this young dark haired girl playing with her flats in the middle of a very crowded place.

fs1   4

I started my cam but there wasn’t a good place to record safely. Few minutes later I got a seat, but the girl changed her place too many times. Damn. At least I got 12 minutes out of the hour I had captured.

3la   a

90% of the time she was heelpopping and shaking her legs, so there are only a few dipping and ankle crossing moments. No soles in this clip, just saying.
But I was so thankful for this. At the end of the summer I got this present and I put an imaginary heart sticker on it. Enjoy! And stay safe!

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