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#261 Barefoot In Pumps

Pumps with high heels, this is quite rare in my town Maybe it’s just me and I overlook this most of the time, but I almost never see shoeplay in pumps when I’m in the city. The shopping streets aren’t comfortable for walking in shoes with high heels because they have cobble stone pavement and […]


#143 Heels And Tires

Motor Show Dreams This hostess had fantastic nyloned feet You may think that it is easy to film a candid clip at a trade fair. After a few fairs I can tell you: It is not. Maybe you’ll capture a few seconds of something, but try to film half an hour and be sure that […]


#82 Pantyhose Shoeplay

Motorshow madness Get ready for the most incredible hostess I’ve seen at a motorshow. What she did with her feet was insane, almost constantly playing with her shoes. This brown haired girl was completely dressed in black with leggings and a tan pantyhose. She tried to acquire customers for a membership of a german automobile […]


#70 Squeezing Toes

High on the heels Many of you asked for some high heels, here I have some. These are some really extravagant shoes and the girl must have aching feet. Why do I say that? Just because the brown haired girl was constantly moving her bare toes in her shoes. The toes were horribly squeezed and […]


#52 Sweaty Pantyhose

Boner Alert Thrilling situations are thrilling. Sometimes I’m coming too late to record a good clip, but in this situation I got just in time. Heavenly sweaty nylons! As so often I sat outside chilling and drinking a coffee. My eyes were wandering around, discovering nothing special. I had a good time. Don’t know why […]