#25 The Birkenstock Thrill

This one made me happyyyyy

One of those days where you wouldn’t expect anything, but in the end you are going home with a pair of smelly and well worn socks.

2aI was on my way to the historic centre, smoking a cigarette and went along this turkish lady with Birkenstocks. Wait… What? I returned immediately and fired up my cam.

fsShe sat outside at a table, was also smoking a cigarette and apparently made a rest from her work. I started capturing her from different angles with nice close ups of her shoes and light blue socks. The lady wiggled with her shoe, scrunched the toes in between and finally went back to the store.

It was a little bit difficult to follow her, but I managed to capture some nice shoeplay scenes on the inside, even a shoe removal was there when she was climbing up a chair to clean the furniture.

3   7a

At this point you may think that the clip is done, but eventually she went outside again. birkenstock-socksI was too megalomaniac and asked her if she likes to sell her socks to me. Guess what, she laughed and said “No, I’ll give them to you for free” – OMG :D

Enjoy the full 12 minutes with a boner ending and let me tell you, the socks were really great! Maybe I should ask her for a photo series and sock selling at fussphantasie.de…

download the clip