Pantyhose For Christmas

A free clip for you

Although I’m rather a Grinch at Christmas, I like to give some small things to the people, either a smile at the supermarket or a clip for my visitors here.

1aLast year it was a phenomenal coincidence that I found a dangling clip with a Christmas tree in the background. This year I didn’t have such luck, but there are plenty of clips on my hard drive which I will most probably never sell.

3So I looked through my list and found this pretty awesome girl in her 20ies with a short skirt, a tan coloured pantyhose and black flats. She did some nice shoeplay, but the most astonishing part was when she scrunched her toes.

I love this so much as you can guess. When the thin cloth crumples between the toes I am short before j*rking off… :D And I will never get bored by this. Never.


So, my dearest people, download the clip, watch it and have a nice and sticky Christmas! I’m sure that if you got some socks or ties as a gift, this one will push you harder and let the day finish smoothly. Have a good time folks and thanks for your outstanding support in the last months :)

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