#219 Graceland Gizeh Girl

Recording with pigeon poop on my shoulder!

1_xReally guys, I don’t know what is more ugly: Walking into a pile of dog poop and scratch this mess out of your profile, or sitting outside with a shitload of pigeon poop on your shoulder, your T-Shirt and your blue jeans. But let me start from the beginning.

There is a larger place at my hometown with a big tree in the middle, some stone bricks with metal strips around it and many tables and chairs under the tree. Mostly all chairs were taken so I sat down on the stones and started to record this teenage girl with her fake Birkenstock shoes from Graceland, the Deichmann brand.


They were a rip-off from the Gizeh model. You can’t see it on the first view, but they have a slightly other profile and obviously the stamp on the inside sole is not from Birkenstock.

The girl seemed to be bored, that’s why she did a very nice shoeplay with her sandals. I managed to get some very good shots from her feet, just like nose distance.

h   3

Suddenly a father with his annoying son appears. The son moved his chair in my way and there was almost no place for me to capture furthermore. I hated this guy in that moment :D

8   ba

And while I was moving my gear, BAM, a large pile of shit landed on my shirt. Now I had two choices: Leave the place and clean myself from this epic load or risk even more to get some more good shots. I chose the latter.

6   a

The girl played with her sandals, dangled them with her toes, crossed her legs, moved her feet back and forth and in the end I was lucky as hell. I left the scene when some people came and rested directly in front of my cam.

So after cutting this annoying boy away, this clip results in 11 excellent minutes.

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