#176 Skechers Dip

The glory of Skechers Bobs

This year it was pretty hard to find a good sneakers shoeplay, but this girl did it.

haI never thought I’d say this, but I start to hate Nike sneakers. Not because they are ugly, but because the girls almost never put them off. Maybe they’re too comfy? Don’t know. Gladly I stumbled upon this young girl who did a nice dipping show with her Skechers.

fs1aThis brown haired girl loves mint! At least she wore a mint colored T-Shirt, a 3/4 trousers in mint and even her shoelaces were mint. The Bobs were gold colored and sequined, pretty to watch. But why the hell did the girl wear white socks with blue heels and tips? We’ll never find the answer.

Her Bobs weren’t new. It seems she has worn them for a longer time if you look closely at the soles. The whites were dirty and, yes, it was one of the last warm days in Germany, so I’d guess a good smell.


At first the girl sat on a concrete ring which goes around a large tree. She almost kicked into my camera when she walked away and took place onto a chair, where her family was sitting.

1   3a

It was impossible to catch her from the side, so I simply filmed from behind. What you will see is a 17+ minute show of constantly moving and dipping her feet in her sneakers. Obviously her heels are popped out all the time and for a moment she slipped out completely and rested her feet on her shoes.

2   g

Plus there is a large part of crossing her ankles and many wiggling scenes. As a side note, you’ll hear a rather famous street music group in the background. I like them very much, because they do some really hypnotising stuff.

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