#110 Waiting Girl

Couldn’t stand still

A young girl who was waiting with some others for one familiy member. Not that easy to follow her actions.

6aIt was sunny and I had a coffee to go, resting from a long walk through masses of people. I wanted to capture shoeplay, but it was almost impossible due to the many tourists populating the city. Until I discovered this young girl…

2She was standing outside with her brother and mom, probably waiting for her dad, who had a long waiting queue ordering some things. The girl had white ankle socks and Venice sneakers at her feet.

I fired up my cam instantly, but had to leave it in the bag, because I was standing only 2 meters away and yeah, mom looked in my direction the whole time.

5It wasn’t that easy to balance the bag on my foot to follow the girl’s movements, because she went from left to right and back to forth.

Many times she popped her heels out of her shoes. In, out, in, out. At least the sneakers looked comfy, but standing still was not the girl’s favourite action to say it nicely.


I even managed to get two short face shots with my cell phone while suffering from pain standing so weird on one leg with a bag on my right foot :D

The whole clip is 9+ minutes long, enjoy the heelpops and foot flexing in sneakers.

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