#193 Gym Locker Room

The once in a lifetime sweaty socks show

Imagine you are lying under a wooden bench in a gym and have the chance to smell all those shoes and sweaty socks of the girls after training…

9a_xcSince I was a school boy I dreamt of dirty and sweaty socks of my classmates. I thought it must be heaven to lie under a bench of a locker room and this picture followed me for years. No need to explain that this most probably won’t ever happen in your life. Until now!

1eGranted, I wasn’t lying on the ground. But I had the chance to stick some cameras under the benches and they captured everything but the smell.

This sounds way too easy and to be honest, it wasn’t for sure. All started with a coincidence where I was standing in a large gym and got into the locker rooms afterwards. I remembered my dream instantly and my fantasy went crazy.


For about 12 weeks I visited the locker room. During this time I got to “know” the girls, their habits and their regular appointments.

4c_x   5_x1

I placed the cameras at different spots and even dared to capture with two cams at once. In the end I had 1.2 terabyte of raw video material and managed to create this awesome clip. There is a large part of different girls with all kinds of socks and shoes.

9e_x   6e_x

In addition I focused on two of my favorite girls: The Superstars Girl with her lovely sweaty and dirty socks. Plus the Asics Girl, who was the only one wearing a nylon pantyhose once. I tracked them on several different days so they got around 20 minutes each.

a_x   9q_x

But this doesn’t stop at this point, because there is a highlight at the very end of the clip. Excuse me that I won’t spoil you here :)


Some final thoughts: Privacy is my highest concern. You won’t see faces, boobs and panties. I bleeped out every name and other intimate stuff. Only very few parts are completely muted with music, because there were some personal talks going on in the background. I don’t want any of the girls being recognized on the street someday.

So now, grab this thing and enjoy the most hilarious 95 minutes I’ve ever done!

download the clip