#108 Nervous Nylon Heels

Trashed in every way

I love this combination of skinny leggings, tan coloured nylons and a well worn pair of flats.

1aTwo pretty young women were enjoying her coffee outside of my beloved bakery. Both girls were in the beginning of her 20ies, one long dark haired, the other blond. The blond girl had Birkenstocks and pretty toes, the other trashed flats and nylons.

6aFor sure the protagonist was the dark haired girl, because she was sitting next to me. I had a pretty good viewing angle to her feet and captured the first half of this clip with two cams.

But somehow the blonde got suspicious. She knew I was doing something, but she didn’t know what exactly. At least she looked at me very often, so I put the second camera away.

7   3

Anyway, the dark haired girl with the nylons did a wonderful heelpop show. Countless times she put her heels in the air and a few moments you can even look inside her shoe. The soles were trashed and heavy worn.


In the second part of the clip the girl starts to wiggle like a maniac. Hyper fast she moved her heel up and down while pressing her toes on the ground. This lets much room for your fantasy to think about what could be under her sole…

Enjoy 19+ minutes of a solid heelpop show with nylons, a few glances of barefoot toes in Birkenstocks and a very risky face shot of both girls.

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