#34 Barefoot Neon Flats

Poor girl with wounds

What happens  if a girl wears tight plastic flats with bare feet? Yes, she will get blisters at her heels. This girl here seemed uncomfortable…

4aShe was suffering for us, you can say. This end-teen girl wore those neon ballerinas far too long, so she HAD TO pop out her heels over and over to cure her disease.

9It was a bit strange because I had a mercy for her on the one side, but on the other side I was fascinated by her skin color which changed from white to soft warm red while her heels were popping out.

fs2aHer flats were really too tight and you know what plastic shoes do with bare feet which are packed in a narrow space – they sweat.

So, one should engange himself to cure the soft soles of this poor girl with his tongue, I am sure she needs this.
Enjoy 13+ minutes with a  very good face shot, heelpopping over and over, sexy toe cleavage, ankle crossing and some nervous dipping!

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