#13 Thick Feet In Dirty Socks And Adidas

Sometimes I’m a weirdo

This is one of the things some people don’t understand. Sure, we like pretty feet, but there is a part in us which likes to be humiliated by dampy and dirty soles.

3aTo be honest, when I’m thinking of feet, most of the time I dream of really pretty ones. The favour is different and that is ok. But then, as I walked down beneath that ice cafĂ© and saw this quite young girl around 20yrs who ate a little bit too much, I was shocked.

How is this with you? Think of big arches and wide feet sqeezed in somewhat small sneakers – my first thought is “must be hot and wet in there”. Then I looked down under the table and oh my god, this girl popped her heels out and the white Burlington peds were dyed by sweat and dirt! This is the moment to chill…

4Yes, I want to be the carpet with the nose under those soft large feet, which rub constantly in those shoes and yes, I want to strech my tongue out to clean those dirty socks. Weirdo? Maybe. But a damn lucky one then :D
Enjoy 12+ minutes of a somehow bizarre situation and don’t be ashamed if you really like this. I do. Like.

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