#01 White Ped Socks In The Grass

Let the sock fantasy begin. Instantly!

Early summer last year I checked my new camera and saw a pretty girl with white peds and red Keds lying around the meadow at a lake.

1This is one of my thunderstorm moments when I look around, listen to some music and suddenly get my eyes on some socked feet of a beautiful girl. It is the tension of a question: “What will come next?”

Needless to say that I was very nervous at that time. Try to catch a candid with a cell phone and you know what I mean. Shaky pictures at least and the whole time thinking of getting discovered. Glad I had a stabilizer!


So, yes, this is one of the shorter clips here, but it is nice to see the girl dipping around with her feet in the grass. Enjoy over 6 minutes of constantly picking the ground and think of it as you are lying there with your mouth open.

Then suddenly the foot lowers and sinks into your mouth. Come on, let’s wash her toes and the sweet little bit dirty white socks…

download the clip