#119 Ankle Socks Exposed

Yummy sweaty socks

There was no second to consider, if I capture this or not.

2aWhen I’m walking around and see some light socks from a young girl, I won’t wait and see. I instantly grab a chair while the camera is already running.

fs2aThe young blond girl, supposedly around 18y old, was sitting with a guy at a table outside. They were tourists, because the girl asked me where our cathedral is. Both had many bags around them, so it seems they were on shopping and sightseeing tour.

The lady had light grey and dirty ankle socks at her feet. Her cheap Graceland sneakers were lying beneath her feet, so she could air out her socks and cool her feet.

1   3

Eventually she put her feet onto the chair, but there was no chance to capture, because the chair was full of bags and her feet were completely covered.


Nevertheless I filmed the whole scene with three (yes!) cameras at once. Pretty insane if you consider that I was sitting right next to the girl :D

5   7

I put the whole parts together to a short but wonderful 6 minutes clip, enjoy!

download the clip