#255 Good Old Times

Nylon pantyhose and flats at a trade fair

k_xLast week I stumbled upon this clip and wondered why I haven’t released it sooner. I have a large amount of unreleased clips, good at some point, but quite useless when they don’t enter the game.

fs2aSure, the thought behind is that I want to have stuff to show, when capturing isn’t possible due to weather, winter and so on. And in Corona times we didn’t have any trade fairs at all. This year the first Motorshow comes back, but it will be restricted quite heavily. I will try, but I don’t know if capturing is possible.

A technical side note: I use  the same cameras for years. So it doesn’t mean that older clips are worse in image quality. I’m still rocking the G30/G40 series of Canon and even today I haven’t found a better suiting camera for me. In fact there is a 4K option available now, but this series has a spinning fan inside the cam. That’s not what I want.
And the large amount of small 4K cams don’t even come close to the image quality my Canons can produce. It’s all about the lense, not the sensor.
Back to topic now.


The protagonist in the clip is a very pretty brown haired hostess with a skirt, a tan colored pantyhose and some flats with bling blings sticking on the front. Her finger and toe nails are painted with a classy red color, I like this the most.

In the beginning the girl was sitting on a sofa and did some dipping shoeplay. She was rubbing her bling blings, flexing her toes and slipped back into her flats.

6   a

Then she was standing at a desk and did some shoeplay also, but this part is very lame. Too much people walking by and I simply hadn’t a good chance for a good viewing angle. So this part is very short.

7   d

After that I captured her sitting on the sofa again. The girl was playing with her mobile phone and started to do a short dangling intermezzo from hell. Man, I’m still wondering why the flats didn’t fly away, this was really awesome.

g   i

All in all this is a solid 8+ minutes show with varied nice moments. And yes, I’m quite sure she has seen the cam because she was spotting me three times. I did my best to look so harmless and innocent as I could :D

download the clip