#225 Shoe Store Compilation Vol. 4

I’m all about the socks, ’bout the socks, nanana…

bd2_xThere isn’t any reference to Meghan Trainor in this clip, but I had that song in mind while cutting, so excuse this lame and incoherent intro, mates.

eaAs I mentioned in the shoutbox some weeks before, I got thrown out of a store for the first time. I never get tired to repeat how risky this shit is, but to experience this by yourself is a complete other level.

A group of girls discovered my cam, which is a very large one. They went to the store manager and he came to me asking what I’m filming. Gladly I had Alessandra with me, so we discussed with him for a few minutes (Ale got loud in the store, Italian blood :D ) and in the end he asked me to leave immediately.

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I know, we know, he was right. No problem… Good luck that he didn’t call the cops. But yeah, if we want to see such kind of clips, somebody has to go over the limits. And it is much fun, granted. Doing this stuff is my personal drug.

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Regarding the clip: You will see 28 girls and women trying on different shoes in different shoe stores. Some of the girls are friends and grouped together, so there are 23 single chapters.

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This time I’ve shortened some very shaky parts. The chapters are four times 5 minutes long, four times 3 minutes and the rest is mostly ~1 to 2 minutes.

Unfortunately there isn’t any single nylon girl in there, although I filmed on many different warm and colder days, but 6 girls have removed their socks at least. Regarding faceshots: There are many, I’ll show you just some of them here.

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For the next months I will pause filming in stores, because I need some time of regeneration. If you get busted, this will affect your courage, behaviour and self esteem. Gladly the spring is coming soon, so I can go outside with the cameras again.

Until then enjoy the fourth part of the shoe store series, 45+ minutes long.

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