#266 Swapping Flats

Nylon pantyhose in flats is always a win

b_xThe last few years weren’t the best for flats lovers. Naturally the modern fashion changes from time to time and yes, flats became less popular unless you looked at very young girls.

fs1baThis year I noticed a slight increase again. I was not unhappy to say the least, but I guess you know me and my favorites. Anyway, in this case I discovered a turkish teen girl sitting far away from me.

She had white flats at her feet and I saw through a tiny hole that she did some toe scrunches. I grabbed my stuff and changed places to a seat behind her. My goal was to get a good angle inside her flats but this was almost impossible.

1_   2a

There were metal poles and a seat in the way, plus there were other people sitting around and I had to be very cautious not to get detected with my cam. Can’t tell if it was the mom or an older sister of the girl – let’s call her mom from now on -, but mommy had a view right into my lens and this was kind of tricky.

4a   6

So I put my cam on the ground, did some fancy stuff with my legs and got a good view to some dipping and foot rubbing shoeplay. This was the first time I noticed that the girl wore a nylon pantyhose. Love that!

7_2   9

At this point I would normally come to an end telling the story, but here’s the plot twist: Mommy and girlie swapped their shoes… :D

This was surreal and I don’t know why they did that. Mom wore black pumps with a thick higher heel and a strap over the forefoot. I needed some time realising what was going on. The girl put the black heels on and walked around. She didn’t tie the strap by herself, instead she lifted her foot and let granny(?) do the job for one shoe.

db   eb_

The other pump was tied by mom, girl walked back to her seat and did some air kicking stuff in the end. From that moment on there was no shoeplay anymore. Mommy inspected the flats but she didn’t do the things the girl did before. Mom was also wearing nylons, although they looked like those thin nylon socks.

Never mind, they all left after 9 minutes showtime and I was happy to capture a quite strange and rare opportunity. How often do you see that? At least I don’t.

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