#05 Moccasin Shoeplay Heaven


Well, sometimes one word is enough to describe everything. Fantastic shoeplay of a girl with white sneaker socks in gold-green moccasins.

1aYou know, if you are wandering around, you have to decide where to stop and start capturing. I watched this girl eating ice cream with her girlfriend and if I had a sixth sense, I was luckily patient enough not to walk away. It happens often: There is a bit shoeplay, some heelpopping for minutes and that’s it. Nice, but not kicking that much.

What this girl does exceeded my expectations! After a while of extensive heelpop scenes, crossing ankles and wiggling with her legs, she suddenly started to play with her mocs.

5    4

Sometimes nervous, sometimes slow – rubbing her dirty shoe sole fast, you’ll see some of the smud on her socked toes. As if that was not enough, she scrunches her shoes with her feet, pressing the toes smoothly against the leather as if you would like to have your nose there instead.
Watch almost 19 minutes of wonderful shoeplay, there is nothing you will miss!

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