#215 Daughter’s Dip

Mommy and Kiddie together

2_xWow, this was insane. From far away I saw the teen girl playing with her socked feet and her sneakers, so I instantly started recording in a mad rush. White worn socks are my paradise, you know it already.

fs1aLater on I saw that the mother did some shoeplay also, but it is hardly seen in this clip, so don’t expect very much from her. Just a few dips in the background, nothing more.

But the daughter… She was wearing white dotted socks and had some no brand sneakers with velcro fasteners. The shoes reminded me of Adidas Stan Smith, but I couldn’t see a brand. Anyway, it doesn’t matter.


Her dipping shoeplay was gorgeous! She changed her position very often, from dipping inside and standing on the heel of the sneakers. In and out.

5a   9

Sometimes she was wiggling her shoes and the funniest thing was: The girl left the table walking away with crushed heels :D Awesome.

g   h

I followed the two because they decided to change the restaurant, but at the second spot there wasn’t any shoeplay. Nevertheless I put together some heavenly 11 minutes from something I see rarely this summer. Love it <3

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