#132 Mrs. Stinkyfeet

Heavenly trashed and dirty

You see some shoes from outside and you can guess, how the smell is inside.

4aThis blond beauty was sitting with two guys outside at a table. I saw her going to the toilet, so I searched a good position for filming, because I discovered her trashed flats before.

fs2aWhen she came back, I suddenly realized how trashed the flats were and I so wished that she would pull them off! At first she did some shaky movements, crossed her ankles, but then she lifted her heels outside of her shoes. Oh boy, she had such a fine and dirty imprint from her shoe soles sticking at her feet.

This was when I got nervous. Of all shoeplaying scenes, I like the dirty ones the most, because I love to imagine the smell of the girls’ feet.

Look at those soles and you can tell that they are sticky. Yellowish wrinkles, dirt around her whole sole and an imprint at her heel.

3   7

Mrs. Stinkyfeet crossed her bare ankles then and stayed most of the time in this position. So this clip is not a heavy shoeplay clip, but rather a nice and subtle movement of her feet. A few times she caressed her flats with her toes, she even caught a lace and dangled her flat in the air.


Minutes later, I got a place right beside her and I took the chance. From this position I was able to catch a view inside her dirty flats. Unfortunately I couldn’t stick my nose into it, otherwise they would have called the cops.

8   9

If you are able to understand german, there is one dialog between a guy and Mrs. Stinkyfeet: “Hey, you’ve pulled off your shoes again?!” – She: “Yeah haha!!” :D

So it seems, losing stinky flats is a hobby of that girl. Enjoy 16+ minutes of her beautiful and sensitive foot play with wonderful sticky soles.

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