#82 Pantyhose Shoeplay

Motorshow madness

Get ready for the most incredible hostess I’ve seen at a motorshow. What she did with her feet was insane, almost constantly playing with her shoes.

8aThis brown haired girl was completely dressed in black with leggings and a tan pantyhose. She tried to acquire customers for a membership of a german automobile club and was running around the hall.

fs1aI freaked out when I saw her nyloned soles, because this was the type of pantyhose I do like very much: reinforced toes and a slightly darker color, just like I know these from my childhood.

It was so astonishing that I really liked to be her foot slave in my fantasy, but I did not dare to ask her for a date or something else.

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The hostess played with her shoes the whole time and popped her heels out while walking around.

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When she was resting at her stand, she lifted her feet and rubbed them against the legs or her shoes, waving her toes in the air.

She was even able to stand solely on her heels, balancing and turning around, omg! Enjoy the 23 minutes of well worn and most likely sweaty nylons from a crazy girl.

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