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#95 Hostess Toes

Shiny Pantyhose Things you will see at a motorshow: Tall girls with nylons and pumps, eye candy. Yes, this is another motorshow clip I took short time ago. When winter comes, you have to deal with those weather conditions and have to look for alternatives. The show was one of them.


#93 Wedge Pumps Pantyhose

Long Toes Normally elder women would wear such pumps, but this is a student in her 20ies. A brown haired girl with a bob cut was standing in the shopping street outside. It was sunny but fresh, so she had a coat over her skirt. Under her dress she wore a thin tan nylon pantyhose […]


#81 Mature Toes And Tights

Zoom! Zomg!! You won’t get any closer, I promise. This is some unbelievable detail, because you can count the stitches of this opaque tights worn by a wonderful lady. One of the days I was strolling around the city, my view on the ground until I saw some toes outside of wedged sling pumps. A […]