#160 Rubbing Feet

Dipping and rubbing feet in flats

Watch a cute blonde with her soft and bare soles.

1aLast week I enjoyed the warm and sunny weather outside. Lots of people on the street, finally the winter has ended. And this is the time when pretty girls start to play with her shoes.

fs1aIn this clip a super cute blond girl was dipping in her flats. She enjoyed a coffee with one other girl and an elder woman. Unfortunately the place was so crowded that I didn’t get a seat nearby, so I stood in the way, as so often.

2At first I captured her from behind, her soles looked red, warm and soft. I even managed to get a long hair shot although all the people around me must have seen that. At the same time the blonde was rubbing her feet together many times.

After two thirds of the clip a family got in my way and I had to change places. I went to the other side of the scene and got rather good close-ups of her toes and a pretty face shot. They nails were polished with a light red color.

3   7

In summary you’ll get good 6 minutes of this pretty girl. Enjoy the spring!

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