#195 Rub And Dip

Back in business

Never had such a long pause, but sometimes health is more important. And if recovery starts with such a clip, everything else can be forgotten.

c_xOne of my favorite cafés in town is a good place for chilling and observing people. Almost every day I cross the place and stop there to drink my obligatory coffee. It was warm and everybody seems happy about the fine weather. And then there was this woman.

fs2aHard to guess her age, but I think she was in her 30ies. Elegantly dressed with a skirt and a pink colored top. Blond hair, clipped together with a hairslide. The group were enjoying ice cream and coffee, things you do on such a sunny day.

More interesting for us are her feet though. The woman wore a thin tan colored nylon pantyhose and some standard leathered lady flats. And boy, she was awesome.

6   7a

The whole time I was sitting there, she never stopped moving her feet. She was crossing her ankles in both ways, fiddling with her toes in her shoes and rubbing her arches of her feet. Dipping at its finest.

Constant moves back and forth, subtle but dedicated. This was so sexy to watch and such moments are hard for me to keep my cameras steady.

ba   a

In fact I captured with three cams at once and you can guess how insane this is when you are sitting only 40 cm away from a fantastic show. I could literally smell her hair and her gorgeous dyed and worn out shoe soles.

8   b

The whole clip is 22+ minutes long and it will satisfy every nylon lover outside.

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