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#154 Peds In Keds

Super awesome shoeplay This is one of those clips, you’ll only get once in a while. The leaves were falling from the trees, one of the last days in November and rather warm outside for this season. I walked along my favorite streets and saw this pretty darn good looking Asian girl dipping inside her […]


#140 Keds And Chucks

Two sisters with socked feet You’ll barely see one girl with her plimsoles off, now there are just two of them. Call this luck! When I was walking around the town, I saw a young girl eating some german pastries. Her feet were out of her Keds and she had black ankle socks on, one […]


#01 White Ped Socks In The Grass

Let the sock fantasy begin. Instantly! Early summer last year I checked my new camera and saw a pretty girl with white peds and red Keds lying around the meadow at a lake. This is one of my thunderstorm moments when I look around, listen to some music and suddenly get my eyes on some […]