#83 The Chucks Dipper

Creepy man is watching me

Guess there is a guy, who seems to be always behind you, when you capture some girls. And now he is right in front of your camera…

2aBut at first, this clip is about a young brown haired girl, who was sitting outside with two girlfriends eating healthy fast food. She had short black ankle socks at her feet and was dipping in her Converse Chucks.

fs11It is very rare, that the girls do something with their Chucks, because they are pretty comfy at the feet. Almost every girl would not remove such a shoe even when it is warm. In this case the girl raised her heels outside at least and showed some glances of her socked sole.

She never left her shoes completely and she didn’t do an exaggerating shoeplay, but she dipped in her Chucks, moved her feet from left to right and I managed to get some very clear shots of her worn and sweaty socks.

4   6

Even if I won’t call this “shoeplay”, I know that there are many guys like me, who like to watch, what a pretty young 18yr old girl does with her feet when it is sunny outside.


Enjoy the 6 minutes with face and hair shots and some well worn trashed Chucks. And regarding this creepy man: He looked straight into my camera :D

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