#15 Insane Leggy Czech Girl

Feet in rose flats, can’t follow the moves

So, watch closely and try to keep your eyes at the girl’s shoes, it is nearly impossible! I should have bought a high speed camera… or so.

4aMan, this is absurd. I sat at the Rhine beneath three czech girls, at least I think they are czech. Two of them with flats, one had toms with socks on, but you’ll barely see her. The protagonist is the one with the rose flats, barefoot with a nice toe cleavage.

3I can’t really explain what she does with her legs and her feet. This is a freaking hilarious show of “how to rub a d*ck until he cum”. To be honest, I don’t think she thought of that while constantly throwing her legs in the air, but I did and I had to smile. This is the stuff we need, seriously. Unfortunately you won’t see her toes, I wondered why she never lost her flats, but anyway, watch 13 minutes of pure madness and additional 3 minutes of tip-tapping on the ground.

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