#256 Stinky Flats


d_xAt least the majority of us like the smell of trashed and well worn flats, especially in summer, when the girls are wearing them barefoot the whole time.

fs1aI often stumble upon conversations in forums or even in the app Jodel, that girls talk about the “ugly smell” their ballerina flats produce. I mean, come on, this is what we are living for :D
But it isn’t easy to convince a girl that we REALLY like it. They are mostly ashamed at first, hide their flats, wash their feet after entering the appartment… while we are dreaming of licking the soft dirt from their soles.

Dreams aside, this pretty blond girl was sitting with a guy eating some Asian food. I hardly discovered her at first, because they were sitting behind a tree. But so I got at least a good chance of not being discovered.


And oh boy, her feet had a perfect patina imprint of her inside flats’ sole, or is it the other way round? Endless days walking barefoot in these shoes just to shape them perfectly fit.

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The girl had pretty small feet, size EU 37. Her flats soles were like slick tires and the back was almost broken apart. Good chance that they wandered in the trash not long after.

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In summary this is a 9+ minutes clip, 4 minutes bare soles, 5 minutes in shoes.
Not very much shoeplay, more a bit of wiggling and flexing while barefoot and some heelpops with the flats. Almost all the time her ankles were crossed.

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