#210 Shoe Store Compilation Vol. 3

A risky business

Now we can call this a series I guess. This time I captured 24 girls and women in different shoe stores.

1b_xI’ve said it before, many times. Capturing girls is one thing, especially when you don’t want to be screwed. But recording with hidden cams in a shoe store is a whole next level.

dcDepending on the store, there are more or less staff workers who have an eye on you. Not to mention the girls itself, who shouldn’t discover the camera. Recording with a mobile phone is a way to go, but if you want to control focus, exposure and zoom, then you need a big camera.

Technical things aside, I went to the stores on different days as last time. But now we have spring and you will see this in the clip, as many girls try on Birkenstocks and other summer shoes.

This whole compilation contains 24 girls and women. The longest part is 7 minutes with the young girl trying on different pumps. And as I know you will ask: The part of the Russian girl with the black pantyhose is 3 minutes :D

2_1   1_1g15

The rest is mostly around 2-3 minutes per girl, some parts are shorter. Here are pictures of some girls with the medium length scenes:

e   9a_1

aa   6

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bb   fs_final

To get an impression of this clip, here is a short video preview for you:

The whole clip is 48 minutes long. Enjoy this awesome and rare material you won’t see every day in the web.

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