#231 Hilfiger Flats

Nylon pantyhose in flats, a very good combination

8_xI was walking by this café and had a destination in mind where I wanted to go. Suddenly I glanced a bit of nylon dipping in flats and I stopped immediately. It was a pretty blond haired girl with a tan coloured pantyhose and black flats.

fs3aGladly I got a table with direct sight to her feet, so I took the chair, sat down in the most uncomfortable way to position the camera right. Think about it, I don’t capture with hidden mobile phones but with large lenses at my cam. The possibility that anyone of those people could discover me is pretty high.

1   3

But ok, I ordered my coffee and watched the girl doing some nice and calm dipping shoeplay. She wasn’t nervous, but did many movements with her feet.

5a   b

Especially the heelpopping fans will grow on this clip, as the girl obviously couldn’t decide what to do with her Tommy Hilfiger flats. Sometimes in, sometimes out, this was a joy to watch.

9   c

After over half an hour sitting there I decided to go and captured a short part from the side. Unfortunately a tourist couple got in my way and additionally the sun came and overexposed the girl’s feet, so I left the scene.

In summary I stripped it down to 13+ minutes for you, enjoy!

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