#173 Marina’s Socks

This is special

Yeah guys, I know this isn’t shoeplay, but the socks are worth it to be captured.

2aOne day I was on my way back home after a long day of walking around. I walked on by a group of tourists who did a rest on two benches. Most of the words I could not understand, but I heard that they called the protagonist “Marina”.

Marina was around 20 years old, smoking a cigarette and drinking a bottle of beer. More noticeably was the fact that Marina had veeery trashed pink socks at her feet and showed us the whole fun of it, because her Nike sneakers were laying aside.


It seemed the group was walking a lot that day and I could imagine how deep the smell of the socks must have been. A pity that my nose wasn’t near, but ok, that’s the deal of capturing candids.

Her socks were dirty, had a large hole in the left and a long run in her right sock. She did many toe curls into the camera, I love that.

4   8

But that’s not the whole story: Marina did some shoeplay indeed, but not the kind you would guess. Eventually she lifted the Nikes and started to throw them around. Up in the air, they fell down, then she grabbed the shoelace and dangled the shoes into the lens.

9   6

A short moment I thought that Marina might have seen the camera and did this all for us :) Maybe. Unfortunately I couldn’t understand their conversation.

After good 9 minutes the show was over. Definitely a gem for socks-only-lovers.

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