#128 Whole Afternoon Flats

I met her three times

Guess you spot a young girl wearing orange coloured flats with dirty bare feet. Then imagine you will see her another two times by pure chance.

8bThis happened to me one sunny afternoon. I saw the girl sitting with two other persons eating fast food. She had nicely trashed flats at her feet and the other nice thing was, that she was barefoot and had somewhat dirty heels and soles.

The girl did many heelpops and played around with her flats. She wiggled her toes inside the shoes, crossed her ankles and even did some shootsies (footsies with her shoes :D ) with the other girl at the table.

2   6a

Eventually I left the scene as her shoeplay stopped and I thought I had enough material for a nice short clip.

I went through the streets, filmed other girls and – whoa – one hour later at a completely other place I saw the three again, sitting on a small wall in front of a large shopping center.


I grabbed my additional GoPro and filmed with two cameras at once while sitting right next to the girl. To be honest, this was totally insane as the guy looked straight to my direction, but I managed somehow not to be caught.

The girl fingered into her flats, rubbed her dirty bare soles and finally we can see that she had red nail polished toes. Very nice, I like that.

7a   7b

They left the place and walked away… just to give me a chance that I met them again after another hour.

9This was crazy, really. It seemed that the feet screamed “capture us again, come on!”

So yeah, the last part of the 18 minutes clip contains the end of the day. The girl walked around for hours in those trashed flats and we can only imagine how awesome her dirty feet had to smell…

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