#36 Dangling Pro

A master of foot acrobatics

We all love that, I know. Pretty young girls with worn shoes, nylon socks or pantyhose on and then a hyper dangle and shoeplay show.

2aThis girl in her 20ies was a master in her style. Times ago I saw a teaching clip at YouTube, how a woman should dangle. Well, here is the teacher.

fs1aA smoking blonde sat with her parents outside of a café, sunglasses on, blue jeans, nylons and flats. When it is sunny, you’ll see many girls like her, but most of them do almost nothing which is worth capturing.

But she was not like that. I observed some foot rubbing in her soles and thought “OK babe, I’m ready for you” – then the show began.

4   5

Heelpopping, ankle crossing, toe stretching in her flats, sole rubbing, shoeplay, losing flats off her feet and a masterpiece of the finest dangling at the tip of her toes.

Almost 16 minutes of pure pleasure, enjoy it because it’s hot. Damn hot.

download the clip