#118 Small Feet

Sweet barefoot shoeplay

Apparently it is a law that younger girls do nicer shoeplay than older ones.

4aAt least girls with tiny feet do more uncontrolled action, I observed this many times now. This clip is one more in the category barefoot with flats.

To be honest, often when I see bare feet with black flats, I walk along now, because I have the feeling that this is so common. And the last thing that I want is that you get bored :)


But this girl deserves attention, because she was acting like a young lady. She had dark hair, wore pretty cool sunglasses and was dealing with her mobile phone most of the time.

In the beginning she moved her feet out of her flats, played with them and that was reason enough to capture the whole scene.

1a   6

After a while she crossed her legs and dangled her flat in many ways. Sometimes hectically, the other time she caressed the table with her foot, while she popped out the heel of her other one.

7   9a

In the end of the 22 minutes the girl did some shoeplay again and rubbed her flats over the ground like a maniac, so loud that you can hear the scratching noise.

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