#98 Springtime Girls

Just socks

Wave goodbye to the winter time and welcome the first warm sun beams in this hemisphere.

3aGranted, the spring hasn’t arrived at the shoe ware. Yesterday was such a beautiful and warm day here, but most of the girls wore still winter shoes. Luckily we have many places to rest on the grass, and in the sun some took their shoes off.

fs2aSo did those two blond and brunette girls. They had both white Converse Chucks which were lying in the grass. Both had ankle socks on, the brunette girl striped and the blond girl pure white.

4That’s it. There is no more storytelling for now, as there isn’t much story which happened.

There was no shoeplay for sure, but you’ll get a good capture of both girl’s socked soles.

Funny part of the scene was, that one of those girls clearly saw my camera and she was obviously thinking about what I was doing there. Anyway, she didn’t care at all.

5   2

More than 10 minutes for a special springtime price, enjoy mates!

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