#224 Summer Sneakers

Remember the good days when it was hot outside

8_xHappy new year mates! Many parts of Germany are covered in snow, it is cold, wet, grey skies. Just the right time to dream about the summer and the feet we all love.

fs1aIt is a good thing that I capture clips one by one, because then we have material for those longing months without shoeplay. It rises the pleasant anticipation for the coming spring. At least for me. I am heavily in a detox phase, not funny at all.

2018 was a Birkenstock year. Hard to find good shoeplay with sneakers, but in this case I had luck. On my way home short before the Underground I discovered those two girls in their 20ies. They were having lunch in the bright sun.


One of the girls was dangling her sneakers and wearing white ped socks, the other girl had Michael Kors flip-flops at her feet. Unfortunately I didn’t know the brand of the sneakers, but our dear fellow Tob gave us the solution: Philippe Model. Thanks!

gb   4

I focused on the sneakers girl for sure. In the beginning she did kind of a dangling job, not exaggerated, but subtle and steadily.

6   9

The real joy for me started when she began to dip in her shoes. She moved out her feet, touched the the back side of the sneakers and crossed her ankles a few times. Most of the time she was dipping back in her shoes though. Can’t imagine how warm it must have been in her sneakers. I was sweating from simply sitting there on the sidewalk…

h   ia

In the end the girls changed places into the shadow. As it was really difficult to catch the shoeplay alltogether I left them alone before they realized what I was doing there. A solid 18 minutes clip should be enough anyway :)

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