#136 Tasty Socks And Cream

Sweaty, worn out and yummy

A reminiscence to #07, but now “Blue Flats Socked Feet”.

1cThis is everything you need, literally. Shoeplay is one thing, but dirty white socks is another. When I search the web for good clips, I always stop at this kind: Flats, dirty socks and a good dipping and sole showing show.

2This girl here did it all. She had wonderful blue trashed flats and extremely worn out white socks at her feet. I discovered her at an ice café with her little sister sitting at a table outside.

At first I had to stay on the sidewalk, no chance to get a seat, but from this point I saw everything from the back. I noticed that she really was into slipping in and out of her flats, so I captured immediately.

1b   5

Got a good view of her soles and I was hoping for a free place for me. Right beside the girl there was a lonely table but no chair, so I did something brave: I left my stuff in this position, went a few meters away and grabbed a chair from the middle of the place, just to position it right to the girl’s side. They noticed me, but did not wonder at all. Good for us :)

I started my second camera and managed to get some really good close ups from her socks and her feet. Love to count the holes, the dirt and the stitches.

9   a

There are many shoeplay scenes. She moved her flats around, crushed them several times (my nose would have loved to be crushed instead…), crossed her ankles, scrunched her toes, popped her heels and so on.


The funny part of the story: At the end the girl lost her spoon with ice cream on it. She grabbed it from the ground and jerked all the cream off to the floor. Man, I don’t want to say it, but it looked like… you know :)

b   fb

Then the girl crushed the cream accidentally… :P :D

So, get 27+ minutes of an exciting shoeplay show, this is dope!

download the clip