#102 Mother & Daughter

This one is a classic

Everyone, who bought at least one clip or watched some of the many free clips at Youtube, will know the short scene of a lady’s pantyhose in the trailer.

2aaYou may ask, why I didn’t post this clip earlier? I don’t know to be honest. There are so many clips and I lost this one out of sight, because I had worked on it already for the trailer.

7aFew days ago I searched for a special scene through my database and stumbled upon this clip. A young mommy and her daughter were sitting with two other ladies outside of a Burger King.

The place was very crowded and it was really difficult to get a good spot to capture the family. In between the scenes I changed my position to get the most out of those two girls.


The mother had a tan nylon pantyhose with black flats at her feet, while the young girl wore a kind of sneaker flats with thin dirty white flowerish ped socks. Both were rather nervous and had their own style of shoeplay.

8   1

Mommy did quite more action with her shoes, whereas the daughter had nervous legs, but popped her heels out a few times.

taubePlus, I even caught a photobombing pigeon with its feet… haha :D so funny!

This clip is 18 minutes long. Enjoy a good and solid shoeplay of mommy with nice nylon feet and her well trained and foot educated daughter with dirty ped socked heels. Maybe I’m going to be a bird in my next life.

download the clip